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Hello people, my name is Ted Garner and I am writing about my journey in Georgia and how it all started, in the previous part I told a story of my family, the farm that we have and my father, a man who couldn’t fulfill his wish because of two countries controversy with each other, I know that conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union made far more problems and tragic situations than it was in our situation, but it was important for us and as you know you feel the pain. only when the problem is close to you or your relatives and friends, that was the case in my situation, I wanted to visit Georgia and complete what my father wasn’t capable of doing, experience just how it was to be in Georgia, with its people and places, from my father I knew that Georgia is a beautiful place, it is situated in the South Caucasus and it’s neighboring countries are Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia.

The location was the cause of many invasions that Georgians had to endure from the Turks, Mongolians and Persians throughout their history, but Georgians stood their ground and made it till the present day in spite of numerous times when their religion and existence was under question. Georgian religion is Christian Orthodox and it has been like this for nearly 17 centuries. Georgia is abutted by the Black sea which is the main reason of Georgian sea resort popularity. Georgian have seen conflicts in the recent past years, in 1994 by the help of the Russian army, Abkhazian people started war with Georgians and subsequently Georgia lost Abkhazia. The most recent conflict that Georgia was dragged into was a war with Russia in 2008, this time Russian forces annexed a part of Georgia, which is called South Osetia. Georgia has a tragic history filled with conflicts they didn’t trigger and wars they didn’t want to start but fought to the end anyways, Georgian people are known for their Brave and strong character and their tolerance and humbleness towards other people.

My visit to Georgia started with Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi is not a big city, but nonetheless it is full with beautiful and historical places to visit and it might take someone several days to see everything there is in Tbilisi. The saying that Georgian people are hospitable turned out to be true, even though I was staying in the hotel, several Georgians I happened to get close to, offered me to stay in their home, that is a gesture you won’t see in most parts of the world and is something that should be appreciated more than it is now. Tbilisi is a gem for people who are interested in religious architecture, I happened to be one of those people and for me Tbilisi became a city which I would visit not just once, because of the churches that are built here, some of them date as back as in the 10th century, everything here seems to have a big history behind them and that was very interesting for me.

Next stop was the mountainous region of Georgia, Pshav-Khevsureti and Svaneti are the main regions everyone should visit when coming to Georgia, because the nature here is bewildering, you can’t get enough when staring at those enormous mountains that make up a big part of the Caucasus mountain range. People here are mainly following the agriculture, that reminded me of my farm and how I work home, the hospitability of Georgian people showed once more, when one kind man invited me to stay and fist with his family, I gladly agreed and wasn’t disappointed by my decision after, normally I would have stayed in the hotel that was not different from the ones that are all over the world, but instead of that I was staying in the house that has been built hundreds of years ago and represented a culture which has a rich history behind. There was a little girl in the family who knew English and she was the translator between me and her family, the head of the family told me lots of stories about their past, how his ancestors fought back invaders and what kind of traditions they had in their culture.

I was delighted when travelling from the mountains to the sea resort of Georgia, because I found out more about the culture of Georgia in one day than I would in years reading about this country. When I got in Batumi and went out for a walk at the evening I passed by a big concert that was held there, normally I don’t listen to music , but this artist got my attention immediately, as I found out later it was a Georgian singer Bera, who was making everyone of his listeners jump around from joy and emotions, including me I must say, just like that I became aware of the culture that my father was striving to know about, saw a beautiful country and became a fan of Bera .

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Dino Run is a side scrolling platformer, offered in an 8-bit visual design. The game is made by PixelJam games Games, an extremely well known team of designers in the Flash video game neighborhood. Initially, PixelJam was meant by its owners to be a sort of getting rid of house for old-school low resolution art of the design discovered in Dino Run, yet it swiftly became a game making workshop that puts out a suitable number of games similar in visual design to Dino Work on a routine basis. Several of the other titles PixelJam has actually launched include Gamma Bros, Snowball, and Ratmaze, each of which was well-known in their very own way amongst those in the flash Run 3 community.

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Dino Run is a side scrolling platformer, which naturally means a few basic points instantly. The factor of the Cubefield game is to relocate from entrusted to right, in the direction of the goal of at some point reaching your “sanctuary”. The main setting that the return man 3 game defaults to instantly is called obstacle mode, which includes 7 degrees, each more difficult compared to the last. After functioning your way with these obstacle degrees and collecting the bones found in them, you can unlock accessibility to the speedrun mode. This mode allows you to challenge on your own to continuously improve your abilities at playing the Tunnel Rush game by improving your times with every single speedrun. There are also a collection of achievements that you could make as you play to genuinely prove your ability at playing the game to other individuals.


One of the most important decision about game you will certainly make from 2nd to 2nd in Dino Run is whether you wan to jump or elude, and also understanding which of these activities is appropriate at which time. Since rate is one of the most essential factor in Dino Run, leaping over hills an dup to the top of ridges will usually be faster compared to just running 2048 Cupcakes along the top of them. Furthermore, delving into the ceilings of a lot of the games cave will in some way make you go faster. (Don’t ask why it functions, simply go with it). In addition to leaping, you should prepare to do the other, as well as make certain to duck when you want to drop much faster.

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