Beautiful Tweets

Beautiful Tweets - Joomla Twitter Module

Display your latest tweets with this stylish Joomla module, customise the appearance with your own backgrounds, overlays and profile images. It's really simple to use and doesn't require any Twitter 1.1 API credentials, simply create a Twitter widget and use the widget ID to display latest tweets anywhere on your website. You can have multiple instances of the Beautiful Tweets module on the same page, so you can show the latest tweets from as many different people as you want. The responsive design means it looks great in any theme, fits nicely in any module position and stacks perfectly on mobile devices.

  • Display Latest Tweets
  • Multiple Instances and Users
  • Doesn't require 1.1API credentials - Widget ID only
  • Responsive Design
  • Customise background and styles
  • Font Awesome icons

The module is currently only available for Joomla 3 , you can download it for free here:

Release Notes

30/07/2015 - Version 1.0 released.



How do I get a Twitter Widget ID?

Login to Twitter and then visit here, create a new widget and then look in the URL, you will see a long number like this 345735908357048478 - Every widget has a unique ID, use it in your module configuration.

How do I use my own backgrounds and profile images?

You need to upload them first to the default images folder in the Joomla Media Manager, then you will be able to select them from the dropdowns in the module configuration.

What size should my background image be?

Depends on the size of the module position but the size doesn't actually matter, the module uses CSS to automatically cover the available space while keeping perspective/ratio.

Do I have to use a background image?

No, you can use a solid background colour or type "transparent" for no background.

Why are my circle images not perfectly round?

To get perfect circle profile images you must upload sqaure images, rectangle images won't work nicely with the circle configuration option.


Please send any support questions to: